5 best ways to win on horse racing for the novice punter

September 10, 2020 | By More
best ways to win on horse racing
We’ve identified the 5 best ways to win on horse racing

There are so many ways to bet on horse racing that the novice punter can feel a little overwhelmed. Some bet types are relatively low risk but unfortunately only pay a small dividend. Other bet types show massive returns but what is the likelihood of landing them? The novice punter is faced with the question; what are the best ways to make money on the punt? Here are the 5 best ways to win on horse racing.

Bet safely on the 5 best ways to win

Before we settle into the discussion, a few words of warning. When betting on horse racing, it’s vitally important to stay in control. Some key points to remember include;

  • don’t let emotions influence your decision-making
  • start with simple bets
  • set limits
  • keep a tally of your betting activities
  • don’t chase your losses
  • don’t bet more than what you can afford to lose
  • enjoy your punting; it’s a pastime, not a career (for most)

With these points in mind, let’s begin to discuss the 5 best ways to win!

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1. Make an each-way bet

Each-way betting is selecting a horse for the win and place. If the horse wins you get both dividends but if it runs a minor place only, you receive only the place dividend. Luckily, the place dividend is usually enough to cover your losses. The best time to try this bet type is on a horse around the $5 mark or more. That way you definitely cover your losses if the horse just misses on the win. Each-way betting is like having insurance on your win bet. If it doesn’t win, at least you still get a return if it runs a place. If you’re unsure how to estimate the win and place dividend, you can use the each-way bet calculator.

2. Play the trifecta

Trifecta betting is fun and rewarding because for just a little outlay, there is the potential to win many thousands of dollars. For a trifecta you need to have the first 3 placegetters in order. This might sound difficult but there are a number of strategies to try in order to win the trifecta. In some ways, the trifecta can be played without any knowledge of the horses. Just playing the market and narrowing down on possible combinations. For example, you might want to gamble against the favourite, or if you’re really brave, try leaving out the top 3 in the market. If the trifecta is successful, you’re in for a huge dividend! 

3. Take a quaddie

Quadrella betting is one of the most fun yet challenging ways to win money on horse racing. Depending on the price of the winners, quaddies can result in huge dividends in the many thousands of dollars. The best part about the quadrella is you can win large amounts for only a very small outlay. This makes it popular with many different types of punters, from the novice to the professional.

Of course, including more horses in your quadrella selections increases the chance of winning however the cost of the bet can rise significantly. This can be offset in part by using flexi-betting but be aware that the winning dividend will be less. A good place to start is to take two horses in each leg, which costs $16. After you get familiar with this bet type you can start using quadrella strategies, like taking an anchor leg or going wide in another. If you can find the winners of each leg, the rewards can be enormous! 

4. Bet on a longshot

Betting on longshots is a punting strategy where you select horses that are not favoured in the market. They usually set off at odds of greater than $20. The longshot has less than a 5% chance of winning, all things being equal. The skill for the novice punter is to identify these horses who have a chance at surprising the market.

How to identify a longshot? Look for factors in the horse’s form that you consider is under-appreciated by the general public. For example, you may know that a particular stayer always sprints well in the first outing of his preparation and could surprise. Another may relish the ground even though its record in the conditions is not fully exposed. This is the time to take a chance on the longshot and beat the market. It’s one of the most satisfying and financially rewarding bet types if you can land the winner. They are also great for bragging annoyingly to your friends and followers on socials!

5. Try a staking plan

Staking plans are for the more mathematically aligned punters but it’s worth giving it a few thoughts as the final suggestion of the best ways to bet. The theory behind staking plans is to vary the amount you bet depending on the odds. Bet larger amounts on favourite runners to multiply the small win dividend but bet lower amounts on the less fancied runners because their return will be larger. If you can identify horses you think represent more value than the market suggests, this is a perfect chance to increase your bet. Staking plans are an attractive bet format for professional punters interested in making small but significant gains over the long term but even novices can give it a try.

Betting tools for the best ways to win

Every punter needs the best tools to apply his trade. Luckily, village punters need only go to one place. Unibet has the best and most diverse set of tools to bet on every aspect of horse racing and other sports. Members also get plenty of offers and rewards to enhance the betting experience. In other words, you can make more money at Unibet than with any other online betting company. The tools available with your membership add more value to your bets, making long term profits more attainable for the regular punter. We think it’s a great partnership for Australian racing.

Best free horse racing tips

If you want to try some of these bet types but are a little bewildered about what to bet on, fear not! Every race day morning we publish the best free horse racing tips on the web. Suggestions for win and place, quadrellas, trifectas, longshots and each-way bets are included for the major Australian race meetings. For professional punters, the weekend’s Big Bet is suggested and there’s also the Mayor’s Weekend Special, which is basically a sure thing. If you want to confirm your selections with other horse racing tipsters, be aware of the pitfalls.

Summary of the best ways to win

These 5 best ways to win on horse racing will give the novice punter the perfect start to a long life of punting for both enjoyment and (hopefully) profit.  With a little practice, the punter will delve more deeply into each of these betting types and find new ways to get ahead of the game. Start with these tips and then, with experience, you can follow more advanced punting methods and strategies. If you find a successful method, please make sure to drop me a line. Together, we can help other village friends to win on the punt.

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