Bet Boost increases your winnings on horseracing markets

October 20, 2019 | By More
Bet Boost increases your winnings
Bet Boost is a way to further increase your winnings on horseracing markets

Bet boost adds a little extra to your bet dividend. It’s available as you place your bet, so just click on the bet boost button and watch the size of your potential winnings increase. Boost your bet and increase your winnings on sports and horseracing markets.

Whether you win or lose, getting good odds on your selection is what you want as a punter, right? Knowing that a bet is priced at odds approximately equal to its likelihood of winning is something that every punter expects.

But what if there is a little extra? What if you could add another few percentage points to the odds of a bet? 

Our preferred online bookmaker is offering just that. The ability to BOOST the odds on your selection, right there in the bet slip.

Bet Boost is available for you to apply to your bet, and receive an increase in win dividend if it’s successful.

I like to think of it as the cherry on top! A little more than what you expected to win.

How to use Bet Boost

After you join Unibet, you will find Bet Boosts in your account at the Unibet app or website. Make sure you check them out regularly because you don’t want to let them expire.

My advice is to take advantage of these rewards as soon as they appear in your account, as there is no guarantee how many you will receive.

The number of boosts and other rewards that are available to you is determined by the marketing team of the corporate bookmaker.

Bookmakers now offer bet boosts on exotics! Not only can you apply bet boosts on regular win and place bets, there are now bet boosts for quinellas, doubles, trifectas, first fours, etc.

Increase your Trifecta payout

My particular favourite (just because I love this bet type) is using the boost on the trifecta!

I love Trifecta betting because there is the real possibility that I can win a massive payout. Now you can add a little extra to the potential trifecta dividend! How good is that?

When you make a bet, and give it a boost, you can watch the boost percentage added directly to your bet. Right there on your bet slip. You can even play around with it a little, to make your bet exactly how you want it.

I first wondered why you can’t see the potential return. After asking the helpful advice line, I found that it’s difficult to display the potential return because it depends on the dividend paid out by the TAB.

Many corporates don’t actually contribute into the TAB pool, they just match the payout figure from them. However, when you boost the bet, you get the extra percentage.

The percentage is not the same every time, but I find it’s often around 6%. Rest assured that it is fixed after you place the bet.

Boost your Trifectas

As an example, on the 12th October 2019, I published on the Racing Tips and Best Bets page my Trifecta play for Caulfield races. The trifecta strategy was simple. Leave out the favourite altogether, select No.2 (Tanker) to win and box the remaining 6 runners to finish in the minor placings. Cost of bet $12. Add to the Bet Slip and click on Bet Boost.

“Bet Boost is now active: Your percentage has increased from 100% to 106%”.

The trifecta was successful and the TAB-matched payout was $307.60 However, my little boost saw my account balance increase by $326.06.

That’s a $18.46 increase in my dividend!

Bet Boost bonuses in your account

At the moment of writing this article, I logged into my online betting account. Wow, I see I have 3 bet boosts available now on exotics, one on racing and another on a Multi. You can see that if you’re an occasional bettor like me, you always have boosts available and rarely run out.

I decided to place a Trifecta on the 4:10, the Horsham Cup. After adding my bets to the bet slip, I noticed the Flexi was showing 100%, which means I get 100% of the dividend. 

However, the option was available so, before hitting the Place Bets button, I clicked on the Bet Boost and saw my Flexi increase to 106%.

“Bet boost is now active.  Your percentage has increased from 100% to 106%”  

There is no increase in the cost of the bet, just the higher potential dividend if successful.

Great, click the “Place Bets” button and I’m on with a boost!

Bookmaker offers on exotics

For personalised offers around Bet Boosts, make sure you visit your account on the app or website.

Corporate bookmakers can offer multiple boosts on exotics every day, over the horse racing carnivals. They can be used on Exactas, Quinellas, Trifectas, First Fours and Quaddies.

Boost your bets and increase your potential winnings on horseracing markets. 

Join up to our preferred corporate bookmaker to enjoy a feast of betting options.

Winning is great, it must be said. However, seeing that little boost when you place the bet, that is gold!

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