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Betting companies offer insurance on your bets

February 22, 2019 | By More

Have you ever wanted to take out insurance on your bets? That is, receive some type of compensation if your bet loses? How good would that be? To make a bet knowing that if it loses, you’ll be compensated.

A familiar tale of woe

The story is familiar to most punters. You found a gem. Something down in the weights and at more than attractive odds. You unload. It begins well. You’re feeling confident. In front at the clocktower, it’s going to win!

You plan your holiday in Bali.

But wait..

The odds-on favourite flies down the outside and nails your horse on the line. Arghhhh. Worst feeling ever!

Cancel holiday in Bali.

Take out insurance on your bets

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take out insurance on your bets?

Insure against the possibility of your bet losing?

Many corporate bookmakers offer such a thing.

The offer is usually worded something around, “In races 1-4, if your horse is beaten into second or third place, get up to $50 in bonus bets.”

Not only new members but also existing members are eligible.

How good is it to bet on a horse, knowing that if you are beaten into a place, you still get up to $50 back in bonus bets.

If you like, you can then turn those free bets into real cash.

It’s like betting with an insurance policy.

It’s a great way to lessen the pain!

Free bets if your horse is beaten

Bet on our racing tips with the free bets that you receive, for example. Our tips have yielded amazing results so you can also enjoy the winnings.

Many preferred bookmakers advertising on our site offer this type of insurance on your bets. They are usually in selected races early in the race program so you get off to a great start!

If you like to have a bet in any of these races so you can take advantage of the insurance policy.

It is far more comfortable and advantageous if you bet with peace of mind.

So make sure you have an account with our preferred betting companies, such as Unibet Australia, that are advertised on our site. Join up now so you can, in future, bet with more confidence.

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