A betting plan is critical for sustained success

February 22, 2019 | By More

Even the professional punter can have ups and downs. However, use of a betting plan to maintain a long-term vision is critical for sustained success.

Establishing a betting plan is important for staying focused and ahead.

A plan prevents the punter from succumbing to emotional ebbs and flows caused by short-term fluctuations.

Establish a betting plan

We received salient advice on sticking to a plan, from one of our astute Thoroughbred Village members, ARDTOWIN.

ARDTOWIN says that the first step for every punter is to establish a plan. Determine the goals you wish to achieve in your punting and prepare a plan. A well-founded plan has the greatest chance of delivering profitability. Adhere to it strictly and don’t be distracted by short-term losses or gains.

After deciding on your plan, allow sufficient time over a long period for it to either succeed or fail. Only then, should you decide whether to modify or abandon your plan. Not every plan will succeed but each must be given a reasonable chance. You can run multiple plans simultaneously if you have the time and patience to see them through.

In the end, we are dealing essentially with the law of probabilities. A large sample size is therefore necessary to uncover any trends that develop over time.

ARDTOWIN suggests that you need to Learn to think with “Positive Expectancy“. With a good plan, you will succeed and be profitable in the long-term. It is important to keep your expectations realistic, focused and attainable. If you want INSTANT wealth, forget racing and buy a lottery ticket.

To profit by 0.5% each day, ARDTOWIN says you need to use multiple strategies (using automated mathematical algorithms) to aim for this return over a long period. Make a small profit each day, for each strategy, which will translate to a healthy annual return. The secret is not to be disappointed in daily fluctuations but to be cognisant of the long-term trend. This is the road to profitability.

Research betting strategies

A good way to start is to read material about strategic betting plans on the authoritative sites. Also read articles on this site relating to betting strategies and betting plans and find lots of pointers to making your own plan. Skills in project management and use of spreadsheets will help enormously. Also, dedicated software is available for purchase if you get into it in a big way. Spend the time to develop an excellent plan, because it will be worth it in the long run.

Many betting plans are available on the internet to try, so those with an interest in mathematics and probability will enjoy trialing a few of these. Enter your plans into a spreadsheet and throw some numbers around to see if they turn a profit. Try this cool staking plan for example.

Remember, there is no guaranteed plan to win so every plan still comes down to your ability to find winners. However, at least in following a plan you know exactly where you are in your betting activities and the risk of going astray, or chasing your losses, is significantly reduced, if not abolished.

Set your goals and follow your betting plan

Betting on horse racing is a lot of fun and a great intellectual pursuit. It make sense therefore to put the effort in, to ensure it’s a profitable endeavour. Let’s develop our plans! Don’t forget to share them on our Tipping Forum. Thanks ARDTOWIN for the great advice.

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