How to find the best free horse racing tips

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Best free horse racing tips
Finding the best free horse racing tips is a challenge for the everyday punter

Access to the best free horse racing tips is critical for the punter to ensure a successful day. Even if the luck doesn’t flow in the right direction, at least the punter knows that his decisions are based on informed and qualified advice. But how do you find the right advice?

Punters typically search the internet for the best free horse racing tips. They also might listen to the radio or subscribe to an email-based tipping service. However, how does the punter know whether this is the right information and whether following them will lead to financial prosperity?

Finding the best free horse racing tips is indeed a challenge for the punter because the market is flooded with amateur sites and dilettantes. Sadly, most of the tipsters advertising their services have no more expertise than the average person. Their selections are based on anything but scientific method and meticulous form analysis.

Alas, the punter is forced to investigate the level of expertise behind the services on offer. They need to check track record, the credentials, the success rate. As the tipsters themselves write the material posted on a website, there is no way of telling if the data is exaggerated, or worse, invented.

Don’t pay for horse racing tips

No-one should ever pay for horse racing tips. All the subscription services available merely provide the tipster with a steady and reliable income. Typically, the subscriber does not receive any greater or exclusive access to winners.

I have observed many of these subscriber-based platforms actually perform worse than the average tipster because the people behind them do not have any relevant skills or qualifications, certainly not in-depth form analysis.

The problem is that there is no accountability. No-one is checking on results, there are no qualifications or benchmarks to achieve, and no track record needed. It’s therefore easy to proclaim ‘expertise’ in this industry.

Any professional endeavour requires regular performance review. However, most tipsters do not undertake any post-meeting analysis, and certainly no performance review.

All an amateur tipster needs is a simple online platform to promote his services and an unhealthy dose of confidence and marketing ability.

Do you ever hear a tipster say? “OK, I selected the winner in 14.6% of the races on the weekend, at an average price of $3.50, which is 3% more than my yearly average. Taking into account the money invested, I had a net loss of 45%.”

If a punter doesn’t feel confident in his own ability to find winners, how then does he find the best free horse racing tips?

Perhaps the most damning reason for not paying for tips is that if the tipster is good enough to command a fee, he is also likely to have many clients. Thus, any tips will undoubtedly be well supported and therefore of minimal value. You would certainly not have the punting edge that you need to make a consistent profit.

How to assess a horse racing tipster

The following help is available for the punter to find the best free advice to take in regard to horse racing selections.

I have tried to summarise here what to look for in a tipster and what to avoid. It’s rare to find a tipster who is perfect in all aspects, however if you can find one who at least satisfies most of these criteria then you should find some value in following their tips.

Top things to look for

  • Professionals. People who produce quality and accurate tipping as their primary business. They work hard and spend hours studying form, videos, and trackwork.
  • Publish their track records. Accountability. People who reveal a full account of their success, including percentage winners to selections ratio and average starting price of winners.
  • Access to trainers, insiders. Good tipsters have working relationships with trainers and other inside personnel to discuss horses who are in form or have legitimate excuses for poor showings. 
  • Full time tipsters who watch trials, track work, jumpouts. Form analysis involves serious study of race videos, track work and training that is not always available to the public.
  • Highly experienced horse racing people. Professional tipsters have years of experience in the industry and an understanding of campaigns and preparations.
  • Knowledge in all aspects of the sport, rules, regulations, class system. Intimate knowledge of how the racing system is structured, regulated and adjudicated. 
  • Detailed knowledge of pedigree. Understanding of staying, classic and sprinting elements in the pedigree, particularly in young horses but also mature gallopers attempting to run over unfamiliar distance.
  • Horse type; sprinters or stayers, stout, classic types. At least a cursory knowledge of dosage theory can assist, at least knowledge of these qualities that impact performance.
  • Understanding of pace, change of pace, sectional times. The ability to understand the pace of a race, the sectional times and speed maps.
  • Weight, track conditions and geometry. An understanding of the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of different racetracks. The camber and undulations. The track geometry, ie; length of straight, tightness of the curves, track conditions, track bias.
  • Training methods. It’s important to know the typical working methods of each trainer, how they prepare horses and work them through the grades. The particular environmental influences, technology, geography of each training complex.

Tipsters to avoid

  • Tipsters who need to get their tips published several days before the race. Printing deadlines force these tipsters to publish well before all influencing factors are known.
  • Tip several horses in the one race. Unbelievably, some tipsters suggest multiple horses and claim credit if one of them wins.
  • Always bet on favourites. These tipsters offer no value and mostly only follow what the public market is saying. 
  • Professionals whose main focus is not tipping. Eg; racecallers, racing officials. Some are put into the position of a professional tipster only because of their job or public persona.
  • Racing fans. Everyone’s a horse racing fan but do they really know the intricate details of form analysis?
  • Tech heads. These are highly skilled technical people who can promote and distribute their tips through technical knowhow. However, how good are their tips?
  • Guessing, with no valid reasoning. Those that publish tips without any real insight. Perhaps they have it in house, but can you be sure?

Remember that tipsters who look for value may not have the success rate of those who ignore starting price.

Villagebet – best free horse racing tips

Villagebet provides a free racing tips and best bets service every Saturday morning. Selections are provided by the Mayor of Thoroughbred Village, an experienced member of the horse racing industry for many decades. Selections are provided for every race, as well as best value bets.

We post the full track record of winning selections on the Villagebet website, after each weekend’s races. In that way, punters can see the number and type of winners that the service is providing. We also list the best winning selections, along with running statistics. A useful resource is also provided to find the Melbourne Cup winner.

Straight-out and exotics

In addition to straight-out selections, we provide the day’s best trifecta play based on proven strategies. Along with the trifecta selection are examples of where the strategy used has worked in the past and the payout figure involved.

Selections with high value are very popular with our punters so we provide our best longshots for the day. These are chances identified at the time with starting odds of greater than $20. Quite a number, with odds far greater than $20, have been successful. Great candidates for each-way betting!

Quadrella punters are serviced with the preferred combinations with associated costs. Don’t forget you can reduce quaddie costs to the price of a coffee if you just like to be in it for fun.

Finally, the Mayor’s Weekend Special is the one selection that all punters must get on. It’s the big one. The selection that gives your punting the extra kick it needs to make the day profitable. It has an amazing winning strike rate!

Betting on horse racing is a fun and exhilarating personal endeavour but there are pros and cons to betting on horse racing that must be considered. However, despite all the objections and warnings in the media, there is really no logical reason for why you should stop punting on horse racing. So get to it and have fun!

Start betting on horse racing

To start betting journey, simply join up to our preferred online bookmaker. It only takes 2 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how easy and rewarding it is to bet with the best bookmaker.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and note that nothing on the website or associated platforms should be considered financial advice. But we hope it helps you on the road to enjoying a punt on the races.

Join Australia’s best online bookmaker to enjoy the best odds, best customer service and widest range of betting options. Villagebet members always bet with Unibet Australia!

Good luck!

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