It’s All About Winning!

Hey, we all want to back winners, right?

Whether you’re a professional punter or private enthusiast, winning is a great feeling! 

However, achieving success is not easy!

This is where we come in.


We want to provide you with all the information and advice to set you on your winning ways.

Tips, best bets, advice, strategies. You’ll find it all here.

Just sit right back and enjoy!

Now the boring bit: went live on 21st February, 2019. The domain was held for a number of years, just parked waiting for divine providence, and finally grew it’s own legs to step out onto the worldwide web.

The parent company, Thoroughbred Village, has been around since October 2000, largely for purpose of celebrating the sport of thoroughbred horse racing. Users were most keen on the racing and breeding aspects, and the village grew to become the premier meeting place for the greatest minds in the sport.

Wagering is a big part of horse racing industry. Racing is in fact dependent on it, and so over the years, wagering and betting grew in the village and became the primary source of funding for the site.

Punting became a major part of Thoroughbred Village, so much so that it really needed it’s own area that allowed it to grow and prosper further. Initially this meant some dedicated pages, including the very popular “Racing Tips and Best Bets” page that has produced countless winners since May 2013.

Punting and wagering grew in the village, attracted more members and gathered momentum. A tipping forum, competitions, bragging, it was all part of it.

The many punters that have benefitted from villagebet selections have been overwhelming, and it is one of the most popular areas of the village today. was registered.

The twitter profile of villagebet has been tweeting winners since July 2011., the website, is now online and helping punters with the most comprehensive suite of punting tools ever assembled.

So there it is, briefly.

Let me know if you have something of benefit to our membership. Let’s share our strategies, our tips and our winnings. 

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