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Racing Tips and Best Bets

Australia’s premier horse racing tips and best bets, provided every Saturday morning by 9:30am and on all major metropolitan race days. Selections include best bets, quadrellas, lucky longshots and the Mayor’s highly successful “Weekend Special”. One horse per race, every race. Emphasis on VALUE!! All data recorded and shown for review. Over 1000 winners to date, odds averaging over $4.00 per winner!

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Flemington Racing Tips and Best Bets, 02-Jul 2022:

R1: No.2 Selburose $5.50
R2: No.11 Without Envy $7.00
R3: No.2 My Yankee Girl $4.20 WINNER $4.80
R4: No.2 Grizinger Bishop $9.00
R5: No.5 Shadow Hawk $6.50
R6: No.1 Maserartie Bay $4.80
R7: No.3 Sirius Suspect $5.00 WINNER $4.00
R8: No.5 Looks Like Elvis $6.00
R9: No.6 Sunfall $15.00

Best Bets:

Selburose $5.50, Grindiger Bishop $9.00, Looks Like Elvis $6.00

Best bets: The suggestions for best bets above represent the best value for our villagebet punters. Recent Best Bets (Melbourne) include Looks Like Elvis $16.00, Excelleration $12.00, Kir Royale $9.00, Think ‘n’ Fly $7.00, Umgawa $6.00, Chartres $5.50

Lucky Longshots

Tripoli $101, Arranmore $26, Zoe’s Promise $46, Xylina Warrior $81, Creedence $91, Chaichna $201

Lucky Longshots: Suggestions above have been identified with market odds of $20 or more and are suitable for each-way betting. Specific information on how these “longshots” are selected and general information on betting on longshots is provided in the accompanying article. Recent Lucky Longshot winners: Grinzinger Bishop $91, Le Don De Vie $91, Hezashocka $51, Think It Over $51, I Am Vinnie $41, Mongolian Marshal $41, Never Been Kissed $41, Samadoubt $41, Chat $35, He’s Xceptional $35, Huetor $34, Dragon Storm $31, From Within $31, Swift Sis $31, Adele Amour $27, Celestial Fury $27, Floating Artist $26, Kiki Express $26, Miami Bound $26, Our Intrigue $26, Sasko $26, Skyman $26, Turn the Tide $26, Summaroca $23, Torrens $23, Jay Jay D’ar $21, Torrens $21, Thermosphere $20, Dream Circle $18 and Cakewalk Baby $16. Placed horses Travimyfriend $151 ($41 place), Pride Of Jenni $101 ($17 place) and Tower Road $41 ($11.60 place).


Melbourne Quaddie: (1,2,4,10)-(3,5,6)-(4,5,12)-(3,6) (72 Combinations)

Quadrellas: Betting the quaddie is a favourite past-time for punters. I explain all about quaddie betting, show you some quaddie strategies to use, and a method to win on the quaddie for the price of a coffee. Quaddie wins include $4,915.90 (Flem 04-Jun-2022), $3,600.20 (Rand 31-Jul-2021), $1,240.50 (Rand 12-Feb-2022), $673.80 (Rand 18-Dec-2021), $268.10 (Rand 05-Feb-2022).

Trifecta bet:

Trifecta. Flemington R8. Discard favourite No.12. Select No.5 to win. Box remaining horses for minor placings. Cost of bet $156 for 100% dividend. Use flexi-betting to reduce bet cost.

Villagebet’s proven stategies to win at trifecta betting. With huge payouts on offer, it’s worth giving them a try. Good luck!

Big Bet:

Flemington R6: No.1 Maserartie Bay $4.80


Villagebet Big Bet for professional punters only. Minimum bet in multiples of $1,000. There are multiple ways to profit from big bets. Recent Big Bet winners; Exhilarates $8.00, Maserartie Bay $4.50, Subedar $4.40, Skyman $3.70, Ancestry 3.30, Bivouac $3.20, Brosnan $3.00, Deep Speed $2.90, Marabi $2.80, Passive Aggressive $2.80, Yonkers $2.80, Yulong January $2.60, Mr Brightside $2.50, Second Slip $2.40, South Pacific $2.40, Deepstrike $2.40, I’m Thunderstruck $2.25, Doull $2.20, Flying Mascot $2.15, Profiteer $2.15, Hell Hound $2.00, Regardsmaree $2.00, Written Miss $2.00, Extreme Warrior $1.95, Generation $1.95, Crystal Pegasus $1.90, Generation $1.85, Grand Promenade $1.80, Marabi $1.70, Probabeel $1.70, Hosier $1.60, Turaath $1.60, Grand Promenade $1.35, Ancestry $1.30, Enthaar $1.26, Nature Strip $1.24, Yonce $1.18, Zaaki $1.18

Rosehill Racing Tips and Best Bets, 02-Jul 2022:

R1: No.9 Well In Sight $5.50
R2: No.6 Deep Romance $6.00 WINNER
R3: No.12 Air To Air $11.00
R4: No.7 Yggdrasil $5.50 WINNER
R5: No.8 Petulant $4.20
R6: No.5 Flash Flood $7.00
R7: No.6 Steel Diamond $4.80
R8: No.8 Zing $9.50
R9: No.7 Yiyi $7.00
R10: No.13 Fastconi $8.50

Sydney Best Bets:

Air To Air $11.00, Flash Flood $7.00, Yiyi $7.00

Sydney Lucky Longshots:

Nictock $26, No Statement $61, Mandalorian $91, Dream Maiden $67,

Sydney Quadrella:

Today’s Sydney Quaddie: (4,6,8)-(8,12,14)-(6,7,16)-(1,11,13) (81 Combinations)

Recent Quadrella wins: Randwick 31-Jul-2021 $3,600.20 (81 combinations), Randwick 18-Dec-2021 $673.80 (81 combinations), Randwick 05-Feb-2022 $268.10 (90 combinations), Randwick 12-Feb-2022 $1,240.50 (81 combinations), Rosehill 18-Jun-2022 $489.10 (72 combinations).

Mayor’s Weekend Special

Flemington R4: No.2 Grizinger Bishop $9.00

Best bet of the day. Magnificent strike rate. If you only have one bet, make it this one. Recent winners; Hitotsu $7.50, Kementari $6.50, Furrion $5.00, The Astrologist $4.60, Hitotsu $3.30, High ‘n’ Dry $3.10, Lighthouse $2.40, Coolangatta $1.95

Independent and free racing tips and best bets

Our racing tips, the best free horse racing tips on the web, are provided by the Mayor of Thoroughbred Village. The Mayor has an imposing record of selecting attractively-priced winners. Check out the Honour Roll for his best-priced winners over the years.

Racing tips are free of charge, each and every weekend. They are posted usually after the final scratchings, around 8:00-9:00am on Saturday mornings. Set your alarm so you never forget.

Tips are based on expert form analysis using an extensive array of information and experience. Unlike other tipsters, we provide just one selection per race because let’s face it, there is only one winner!

The emphasis is on value. We try to avoid tipping favourites if there are better value bets on hand. To this end, we’ve tipped 17+ winners at odds greater than $15.

How to keep racing tips and best bets free of charge

Selections are independent and free of charge. Many other sites offer tipping packages for which you can pay a monthly subscription. However, you’ll find that no commercial services offer the consistency of results that our free service provides. If you agree and consistently make winning bets based on our tips, all we ask is that you use the bookmaker banners on this site to join up to online betting agencies.

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Other useful information and resources for punters

The Villagebet website is full of information and resources for the punter. Betting strategies, punting advice and how to pick the winner of the Melbourne Cup are examples of the great information to help you profit from punting on horse racing. Most of all, Villagebet is a community of punters, which means you can trade secrets, seek inside information, and share your successes with people just like you.

Resources for punters

Betting on horse racing is a lot of fun, enjoyable at many different levels, and a great opportunity to beat the experts. However, it’s also a challenge that requires discipline, determination, perseverance and a willingness to work hard. I’ve outlined the pros and cons of betting on horse racing. I hope you find that the benefits, both intellectually and financially, make it worthwhile.

Lots of betting options are provided with our tips, from win and place to more complicated options. For example, have you tried multi-bets? You can combine a number of different individual bets into a single bet. It’s the latest betting option from our preferred bookmakers. Give it a try!

Have you also tried some of the more obscure betting strategies that people use? It’s definitely one way to land a sizeable dividend if you’re lucky enough!

Another perhaps less trendy way to bet is through place betting. You can get some pretty decent odds on place betting, often much better than betting on favourites to win. A good dividend is a good dividend no matter where the horse finishes in the running order.

Melbourne Cup futures market

Keep an eye on the Melbourne Cup futures market. It seems like for every week that goes by, there is some developing news in the lead-up to the Melbourne Cup. Futures betting markets are changing by the day. We are gearing up for this year’s Melbourne Cup by posting vital resources and information to help you pick the winner. Stay tuned by following our twitter account (see below) for updates.

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Remember to use our unique horse racing vernacular when reviewing the outcome of tips and best bets. These will help you not only find the right words but make you sound more engaging and informed. Good luck and gamble responsibly!

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