Staking plan to ensure a winning day at the races

February 26, 2019 | By More

Many punters enjoy a big win but they often go home with an overall loss because they failed to use a staking plan.

A staking plan is employed to ensure an overall profitable day at the races.

Here we show you how to use a “dutching” staking plan to ensure an overall profit.

Dutching is used to ensure profitability from taking multiple selections in a single race.

In this new method, we are going to use it over multiple races.

This idea comes from one Horatio AndiCap, one of the more enigmatic but highly astute members of the Thoroughbred Village community.

AndiCap says that, “it’s not easy to survive as a punter in the world of Thoroughbred horse racing.”

“You not only must have the ability to find winners, you must also be able to STAKE them correctly to ensure long term profits.”

“Having followed racing for over 40 years, the question I see being frequently asked is ‘How should I stake my selections?’”

If you ask this question on any reputable betting site, it will cause a host of debate and opinion.

Everyone is passionate about their own betting systems.

AndiCap says, “there are all sorts of methods that I have seen and heard over the years.”

However, he offers this one particular method that he claims, “stands the test of time.”

The staking plan basics

He has four selections for the day at Rosehill:

R1. #4 Dizzy- current price $3.00 (Moral and a lovely $3 offering).

R2. #7 Voyager- current price $5.00 (Blackbook special)

R3. #9 Maccamax- current price $5.00 (Last Start Winner)

R4. #16 Bigal- current price $7.00 (Jockey System)

His intended maximum outlay for any day is $100, multiplied by the number of selections. So today he will make a $400 outlay.

The key requirement

His one criterion is that he must take a profit on the day, no matter how much, if any ONE or more of his selections wins.

He has four races, each in which he has selected ONE horse straight-out.

A winner of any of these 4 races will guarantee a profit on the day.

If he didn’t employ the staking plan detailed below, and instead had $100 on each selection, there is a good chance he will make a loss.

For example, if his only winner was Dizzy, then he would lose on the day.

To him, that is not acceptable. This is why a staking plan is used to guarantee success.

Dutch betting to spread the outlay

AndiCap uses the well-known “Dutch Book” method of spreading his outlay to ensure a profit on the day, if any one of his selections wins.

Dutch betting is the practice of betting on more than one selection to achieve an identical profit regardless of which selection wins.

You can use one of the many online dutch book calculators to work out the individual bet sizes to achieve this result.

AndiCap uses the same mathematical calculations across the 4 nominated races. Same as he would if his runners were all in the same event.

The added difference in this case, is that all 4 runners have the possibility of winning!

His outlays would look like this:

R1. Price $3.00 Outlay = $152 (rounded)

R2. Price $5.00 Outlay = $91

R3. Price $5.00 Outlay = $91

R4. Price $7.00 Outlay = $65

If Dizzy was his only winner, he would make $57 instead of losing on the day, as shown in the Table below.

RacePriceOutlayDividendProfitDaily Profit

The “Daily Profit” on the right-hand column is the overall profit made if only that horse wins, and no other selections are successful.

If more selections are successful, of course, this daily profit increases. Each winner brings in more dollars.

Risk in this staking plan

The only risk in this staking plan is the possibility that NONE of his selections win, which would result in a $400 loss. But surely we can get one home!

If you check out our racing tips every Saturday morning you should be more than ok.

Note that it doesn’t have to be consecutive races, you can use any races or events to play.

The moral of this staking plan is to stake your selections to ensure a winning day, not a “what could have been” day.

There is nothing better than enjoying a profitable day on the punt.

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