Strategies to bet on short priced favourites

February 22, 2019 | By More

Short priced favourites like Black Caviar and Winx are truly amazing thoroughbreds and it’s a privilege to watch them dominate race, after race, after race.

When there’s a standout performer, huge amounts of money are invested individually by professional punters. The aim is to increase their financial holdings by a small but significant percentage.

Winning vast amounts of money is a little out of reach for the small punter but there are ways to profit from these hot favourites.

Betting outright on short priced favourites

In Winx’s 30th consecutive win, it was revealed that a single punter won $25,000 in a single bet. Problem is, the punter had to risk a cool $250,000 to get it. That is confidence in horse racing right there!

However, short priced favourites can be a nightmare for small punters. For example, at the prohibitive odds of $1.10, you must invest a tenner just to win a single dollar.

We have published strategies to bet on favourites but what do we do in cases where the favourite is unbackable?

A famous saying states “odds on, look on”, advising that the tiny amount you’d win is not worth the risk of investment.

When short priced favourites are at very short odds, we suggest as a betting strategy to use ways to bet around them.

Bet the exotics

Dominic Beirne, regarded as one of Australia’s most astute analysts, says “exotics provide the most wonderful challenges and biggest rewards.” 

Aside from being a wonderful challenge they can also represent a way to accommodate short priced favourites in our betting activities.

For example, exotics and multiples allow you to leverage the near certainty of short priced favourites.

Select the runner-up and third-placed horse to take quinellas, exactas and trifectas.

Peg her as the anchor leg in doubles and quadrellas.

Try futures betting or, don’t hate me for saying it, have you tried betting on winning margins?

Multi bets is another way to bet on hot favourites. Take the favourite in the Derby with Arsenal to win the premier league, for example. Surely a safe bet!

Just some ideas for you to capitalise on racing’s spoiler for small punters, unbackable short priced favourites.

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